Used Volkswagen Golf for sale in NI

Volkswagen Golf is a compact family car manufactured since 1974. It's one of the two car models that have been voted for the "European Car of the Year" twice and there are some really good reasons for that sort of acknowledgement. Volkswagen tends to equip Golfs with a top-notch engines so they are coming with the powerful and extremely fuel-efficient TSi and TDi motors - both turbocharged. And, of course, you can choose between the old school manual tranmission and VW's famous DSG. 

With each new generation, Golf keeps getting a steady five-star rating at the EuroNcap, which means that this model provides one of the best safety packs on the market. Golf's Ncap rating for the children safety, in particular, is one of the highest out there. 

VW Golf is a great choice for those of you seeking a decent used car. They are sturdy and reliable and you can also take advantage of Volkswagen's Das WeltAuto program.