Used Volkswagen Scirocco for sale in NI

Volkswagen Scirocco is a stylish sport coupe, reincarnated from the model presented in 1975. Named atrer a powerful desert wind, this car was built to resemble it in many ways. Don't get misled by Scirocco's modest size, thanks to it's innovative TSi engine, it can accelerate you to 60 miles in just 5 and a half seconds! TDi version's 7.5 seconds are a bit less impressive but still pretty good. And like the rest of Volkswagen's creations, Scirocco is available with either manual gearbox or DSG.

Stylish and sporty - these are two terms VW uses to describe the interior of Scirocco. It might also resemble some of the more expensive sport car interiors - embossed leather seats, sporty dashboard, high quality finish materials.

We offer some great used Sciroccos available at our stock in NI.