Covid-19 Secure in 2020


The purpose of these instructions is to reduce as far as is practically possible the risk of coronavirus transmission.  It is not possible to completely eliminate the risk. If you can see another possibility to further reduce the risk in a practical way then please inform your supervisor.


  • Stay at least 2m apart from others wherever possible
  • If 2m distance is not possible due to some activity that requires more than one person (for example, carrying a heavy object), then keep the activity time as short as possible, consider wearing facemasks and always wash hands afterwards.
  • Don’t share equipment such as phones, pens, tools, iPads, keys, unless they are sanitised before and afterwards.
  • Don’t touch surfaces unnecessarily
  • Open push doors with your elbow if possible
  • Wash your hands regularly and always after contact with something others have touched.
  • Used the hand sanitiser provided in between hand washing
  • Refrain from touching your face
  • Don’t come into work if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus as described and periodically updated by the UK Government
  • Stagger break times, take breaks outside or in your own car if you wish
  • In our smaller rooms you must follow the maximum number of people allowed sign on the door
  • Don’t have any physical contact with customers e.g. shake hands
  • Only one person allowed in a vehicle at any time (no passengers)
  • Practice social distancing as advised and periodically updated by the UK Government when you are outside of work to minimise the possibility that you will bring it to work.
  • Keep interaction time with each other and customers to a minimum – use remote methods where possible i.e. telephone, email, video etc
  • Politely and gently give advice to customers (and other employees) regarding our policies if they are not following them
  • If someone is persistently not following these requirements then please let your Supervisor know.


  • Don’t share tools unless they are sanitised before and after use
  • Wear new disposable gloves for each new customer’s car
  • Fit driver’s seat cover
  • Fit steering wheel cover

Service Advisor

  • Stay behind screen provided whenever possible when dealing with customers.
  • Sanitise customer’s keys as soon as you receive them.
  • Sanitise key when the work is complete and seal them in a bag for return to the customer
  • Sanitise the credit card machine after each contact
  • Don’t ask customers to sign anything


Test drives must now be unaccompanied – follow our licence checking process

  • Don’t ask customers for signatures, use our paperless systems wherever possible
  • If for legal reasons a customer signature is essential, the customer and the Salesperson should use hand sanitiser before and afterwards.
  • Handovers should be contactless:
    1. The vehicle will be pre-sanitised from Valeting
    2. If you move the vehicle into handover position, re-sanitise the touchpoints (steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, door handles).
    3. Sanitise the vehicle key and place in a plastic bag ready for collection
    4. Basic vehicle explanation should be done from outside the vehicle and 2m away from the customer.
    5. Offer to explain complex vehicle systems by video if necessary.


  • Sanitise each customer’s car (Service or newly purchased car) in accordance with our Covid-19 Secure specification (25 touch points) and add mirror hanger
  • After moving vehicles, wear clean gloves or re-sanitise touch points (steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, door handles).
  • Sanitise each Courtesy Car after use and add mirror hanger
  • If collecting/delivering a customer’s vehicle from their home, wear clean gloves and a clean face mask.